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Campus Security

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Image of UCLan campus security

The role of Campus Seciruty is to provide a safe environment for staff, students, and visitors, whilst on University property, we achieve this by foot and mobile patrols, working closely with the police, and backed up by a campus wide cctv system.   The security control room is manned 24hours.

A bona-fide student-type person explains what the security team will do if needed:

“If you’re anywhere around the campus, they’ll ask [or advise you] what route you’re going to take home and will pick you up on the campus security cameras on make sure you’re ok. Their number’s not really advertised though.”


Note from the TAG Team:  Well here it is 01772 892068 store it in your phone.  Campus Security is there to protect students on the campus so they have to prioritise the campus.  However, if you are a student away from campus and you find yourself in difficulty by all means call them and they will try to help you even if it just means someone knows where you are and where you are going.  If a female is alone and distressed and they can spare a person, they have been know to go and pick a girl up and take her to her home. This is not a guarantee as it depends on how busy they are on campus and it most certainly is not a taxi service by any stretch of the imagination – that is what the Safety Bus is for.

Don’t abuse this facility by trying to scam a lift. In saying that, Campus Security is there for those who need it, when they need it, so don’t be scared to call and ask for help.

How to contact security –

Visit: the Harrington security control room
Call: 01772 892068 (2068 from UCLan phones)